The launch of Court Annexed Mediation was conducted on 13 April 2022, which was a plus for the people of Siaya since now their cases are easily being referred to mediation court than referring them to Kisumu Court Annexed Mediation Centre which was costly to them and very far to them since the court is in another county. LRF played part in supporting the Lunch through the VCA Project.

The launch has enhanced the quick dispensation of cases referred for mediation without delay, in the year 2022 8 cases related to land had been referred for mediation and had been cleared. The process is not costly and now affordable for the people and a court-annexed registry was also launched. Bondo Law Court is in the process to launch court Annexed Mediation. The activity was also dramatized to further sensitize the people.

The launch of the mediation court has ensured that there is no delay since the court uses alternatives to solve ELC cases. During the launch, there was also planting of trees which promoted the court’s premises to look green hence encouraging the people to plant more trees around their surroundings hence aiming at promoting climate change. People living with disability also participated in the launch.

The court, annexed mediation operational and has its own registry.