The Voices for Just Climate Action through Legal Resources Foundation Trust conducted capacity strengthening of community focused groups, on local climate financing processes – Financing Locally Led Climate Action Program (FLLoCA) in Siaya County in 17th May 2024.

Capacity strengthening of community focused groups in Siaya.

The COP27 brought into focus the aspect of locally-led climate financing for community-led climate action, with calls to the state and International agencies/development partners being urged to support such initiatives. In Kenya, the treasury in partnership with the world Bank has put in place the FLLOCA, a devolved funding facility to support locally led climate actions through financing of groups or entities that are engaged in those actions. The facility is managed at the County level, and supports climate actions with the focal county governments.

A trainer enhancing the participants knowledge on how locally- led climate action facilities operate.

Capacity strengthening operationalism of FLLoCA facilities

This training attracted 21 participants who were equipped with knowledge and skills on the locally -led climate financing for community-led climate actions (the facilities, how they operate, who are the managers, what locally-led climate actions do they support, eligibility, accountability).

A participant asking on a question on the eligibility and criteria of accessing FLLoCA.