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A more climate resilient Kenya is possible if climate actions’ central focus is justice and equity. This intervention will make ecological advocacy a part of everyday human rights struggle. Bringing community voices from the microsphere to participate fully in our climate actions and policy table will be a key priority. The project will accompany communities to understand both the problems-focused and the solution-focused approaches to eliminate climate vulnerability. 

A collaboration between Legal Resources Foundation a public interest legal institution, Ujamaa Centre an institution with a long experience working with resource-dependent communities in the Coastal ecosystem and Econews Africa an advocacy and research organisation on trade, environment and natural resource issues, brings together a blend of experiences, knowledge and understanding of climate justice, civic space and the local contexts for action.

First, is to create and protect deliberate participation of women, youth, small scale farmers, pastoralists and other marginal communities in Climate Change mitigation framework to advance local agency. This should increase effectiveness of climate mitigation, capacities for adaptation, resilience and economic climate proofing strategies. Secondly, is to create and strengthen counties’ symbiotic leverages with the national government to increase support for ecological economies, institutional oversight(s) and coordinated interventions, away from non-compliance and infidelity to an elaborate climate change policy and legal framework. Thirdly, is the creation, harvesting and harnessing of local and global knowledge to motivate national and county governments to integrate community led climate change solutions into the mitigation mix, rather than labeling such as riskier, labour intensive and difficult to measure.

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