Executive Summary

Kakamega  County has many  shared natural water ecosystems. In the face of the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and pollution, sustainable management and conservation of these resources is critical for human survival. Poor water infrastructure, pollution, and deforestation are some of the challenges hindering sustainable water resource development, utilisation and conservation in Kakamega  County. A study conducted by Econews Africa examines the state of management and conservation of shared water ecosystems in the County. The study highlights the gaps and challenges, and proposes possible policy actions for the attainment of sustainable water resource management and conservation in the County.

The findings of this study are crucial in demonstrating the state of water management and conservation in the County, and equipping decision-makers with the necessary evidence to act. The key findings in summary are:

  • The county has numerous shared water resources which include rivers, streams and springs
  • One of the main rivers is River Yala originating from Nandi Hills
  • Condition of the shared water resource is characterised by pollution, neglect of water catchments areas and fluctuating water levels
  • There are weaknesses in water governance
  • There are conflicts emanating from shared water resources mainly related to access and use

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Shared Water Ecosystems – Kakamega County Policy Brief